NJSTI can also provide services for the following through our network of partners​​

Fire Alarm

Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen Hood & Suppression Systems


Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our field technicians are highly trained professionals versed in NFPA 13, 13R, 14, 20, & 25 codes and standards. All field technicians are required to attend periodic courses training and seminars to ensure their up to date knowledge of the current accepted practices. Our technicians have the knowledge and ability to complete any project from new construction to small additions and relocations of existing fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing
NJSTI offers periodic fire sprinkler inspection programs, as required by the latest state and national codes, to our customers ensuring the ongoing reliability of their fire protection systems. This is includes the hydrostatic testing of fire pumps / fire hydrants as well as trip tests for dry pipe sprinkler systems. Our professional inspectors and service personnel possess up-to-date knowledge of all fire codes, insurance requirements, and the various types of fire protection systems. With our fire sprinkler inspection and testing you can rest assured that your systems are prepared to offer life safety for the building's occupants as well as property protection.

Fire Sprinkler Design & Engineering
NJSTI provides the design and engineering required for new construction as well as any additions or alterations requiring fire sprinkler protection. All plans and hydraulic calculations by NJSTI are designed to meet all accepted NFPA & IBC codes & standards. Prior to being submitted for approval, all drawings and hydraulic calculations are reviewed, signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for submission to the Authority having jurisdiction. In addition, our firm also offers site surveys for the creation of “As Built” fire sprinkler drawings. This insures our customers of the ongoing reliability of their fire protection systems.


Backflow protection has become an ever increasing concern as the protection of safe, clean drinking water increases in awareness. To help keep our public water clean it must be isolated from undesirable reversal of water flow or mixtures of water with liquids, gases or toxic health hazard substances into the distribution of the potable water system. Backflow Prevention assemblies provide that protection.

The State of New Jersey requires all commercial properties to certify backflow prevention assemblies once every year. This includes backflow assemblies on Fire Service Lines, Domestic Water and Lawn Sprinkler Systems.

NJSTI has certified backflow assembly technicians that install, test and certify all types of backflows, including; Dual Check, Reduced Pressure Zone and Anti-Syphon.

If you are being required to install a new Backflow Assembly on an existing Fire Sprinkler System, NJSTI can perform the required Hydraulic Calculations to prove system water requirements are met.


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